OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter for Windows, Ford Diagnostic ELM327 Coding Tool with MS-CAN / HS-CAN Switch by OHP

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OBD2 scanners shop are proud to stock the brilliant OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter for Windows, Ford Diagnostic ELM327 Coding Tool with MS-CAN / HS-CAN Switch.

With so many available recently, it is wise to have a make you can recognise. The OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter for Windows, Ford Diagnostic ELM327 Coding Tool with MS-CAN / HS-CAN Switch is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

For this reduced price, the OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter for Windows, Ford Diagnostic ELM327 Coding Tool with MS-CAN / HS-CAN Switch is widely respected and is a regular choice amongst most people. OHP have added some great touches and this equals good value.

Product Features

IMPROVED (2019) VERSION: OHP ELMconfig OBD II Interface is a car code reader, ELM327 scanner and diagnostic scan tool. Running rapidly at max 500 kbit per second, achieve pro-level check engine light programming and coding with the reliable advantage of its USB-connection and the special feature of the toggle MS-CAN HS-CAN switch. (Update: This 2019 version has fixed all the previous issues of the switch and lack of Mod support for newest car models.) ACCESS HIDDEN MODULES w/ TOGGLE SWITCH: Enable the desired modifications and troubleshoot all the undesired features pre-set in your vehicle with the faster functionality of the added switch. You can now edit and change settings without having to visit a dealer and pay for each single module to be activated / deactivated. TOP ACCESSORY FOR FORD: While this device also supports Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury cars, it is one of favorite tools and accessories sought by Ford owners. It has been flawless in scanning, programming and hiding modules for models like Ford F150, F250, F350, F450, Ranger, S-Max, C-Max, Transit, Mondeo, Fusion, Kuga, Mustang, Explorer, Edge and other cars and light pickup Ford trucks— all from year 1996 and newer makes. Mods for 2017, 2018 and 2019 car models have also been updated. WORKS BEST W/ FORSCAN APP on WINDOWS: Access the comprehensive list of Mods on FORScan and apply them to your vehicle for a smart upgrade. Discover Global Window feature, Bambi Mod, Secure idle, Perpendicular Park, Trailer Brake Controller, disabled Double Horn Honk, Disabled Door Ajar Chime, Reverse Tilt Mirros, Tire Size Correction, and many other features. This obdii is also supported by FoCCCus, ELMconfig and FF2. Check our WIFI OBD2 version for your Android, iOs coding preferences. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE + HELPFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: OHP provides all the diagnostic support you might need. The device comes with installation instructions and a full access to our substantial list of FORScan diagnostic resource and car coding information. When in doubt or stuck in endless research, you can contact us. We’ll also appreciate your feedbacks.

Product Information

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