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Product Description

We are proud to offer the fantastic OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter.

With so many available recently, it is good to have a make you can trust. The OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase.

For this reduced price, the OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter comes widely respected and is a regular choice amongst most people. OBD Solutions have included some excellent touches and this equals good value for money.

Description OBDLINK EX forskingsink digital adapter is a universal electronic fit adaptor designed to fit to many different cars from many different makes. It helps the engine to run much more efficiently, using considerably less fuel than the traditional mechanical diagnostic tools. It also offers a way to easily and quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle's engine problems. You will need the OBDLINKEX to connect it to your vehicle's computer.

Features The OBDLINK EX foreman and adapter with kb300 lx 4x4 2021 comes in a stylish and compact design. It looks and works like a high-tech smoke alarm. It is convenient and easy to use. It also has an LED indicator that lets you know when it is scanning your car's engine. There is an OBD scan button which when clicked activates the OBDLINK EX forscan.

Convenience One of the most popular reasons for buying a OBDLINK EX for a vehicle is its convenience. This electronic device makes it much easier to diagnose your vehicle's problems. These devices plug directly into your vehicle's diagnostic port. There is no other hardware needed to connect it. This is great if you need a quick diagnostic scan on something that isn't too critical.

Most for scanners on the market today come with a very comprehensive list of features. However, there are some that have extra features that car owners may find useful. OBDLINK EX for Scan Tool comes with a nifty little tool that car owners can download from their personal computers to use in conjunction with the OBDLINK. For car owners who drive frequently, or just want to make sure that their vehicle is in good working order, this is definitely a nice extra feature.

Diagnostic Utility Another benefit to the OBDLINK EX for scan tool is that it comes with a diagnostic utility. Car owners can scan their vehicles for problems with their OBD codes. After the code scan, the driver can print out a detailed diagnostics report. This is nice because drivers can get real detail information about what they are running into with their vehicles.

Compatibility With Other Accessories The OBDLINK EX for scan tool also has several connections and adapters that allow it to connect to various other OBD devices. These devices include diagnostic adapters for scan tools, odd printers, OBD reader, and USB ports for iPod, cellular phones, and digital camera drivers. All of these devices can connect to the OBDLINK EX for easy connectivity. Furthermore, most of these adapters support OBD decoding so that OBDLINKs can be read by other programs. For those that don't have a scanner or an OBD reader, some of these ports can also act as data translators so that they can read the results of the OBD codes sent to them.

Extra Features For drivers who don't have OBD experience and/or don't know much about OBD codes, the OBDLINK EX for scan tool comes with two extra features. These features are meant to make life easier for those who don't really understand what their car's trouble codes mean or how to interpret the results. A trouble code is a string of numbers telling the driver that their car's system is in some kind of trouble. This is usually the result of a failed diagnostic scan or the installation of new parts on the car.

The OBDLINK EX for scan tool comes with the easy to use diagnostics menu. Simply put, this menu lists the reasons why the system has been stopped, a reason why the lights are on, or why the computer is freezing up. Some people who purchase this product swear by its easy to understand and use interface. Some people, however, find it confusing to use and say that it often lost their information. So, if you're thinking of buying the OBDLINK EX for scanner, consider whether or not you need all the bells and whistles. If you think you do, then go out and get one before someone else does.

Product Features

CUSTOM-DESIGNED FOR USE WITH FORSCAN and recommended by the FORScan Team DEALERSHIP-LEVEL DIAGNOSTICS: OBDLink EX supports all Ford protocols, modules, and advanced features of FORScan ELECTRONIC SWITCH allows FORScan to access all CAN buses simultaneously and enables advanced functions not possible with “toggle switch” adapters MAXIMUM THROUGHPUT -- up to 20 times faster than “toggle switch” adapters ROCK-SOLID CONNECTION avoids data corruption and dropped packets