NXpeak Obfuscated Programming Language (NXcore) and NXcore Scanner

nexpeak obd2 scanner nx501

NXpeak is an Obfuscated Programming Language, or OPL, a modified version of the popular programming language Java. NXpeak is a simple way to deliver customer data from applications.


Nxpeak obtains the data from the Secure Digital Card (SD) reader by encrypting it using OPL's Obfuscated Programming Language. The encrypted format is then delivered by a server to be translated into a standard OPL.


NXpeak obd scanner is also known as NVport, for NexGen and also known as Neuron-Port. Score is used to verify a device's security. Since each Nxcore host supports a wide range of Nxpeak software, you can communicate over a network without the need for installation and configuration of hardware.


Besides Nxcore, Nexgen is used to translate NXpeak applications to easy-to-understand and easy-to-use standard OPL. Your software applications are also translated to standard OPL and analyzed on the Nxcore device.


Nexgen is mainly implemented in the processor, which uses high-performance NXcore inside it. The same NXcore is installed in the card reader chip of the Nxcore devices.


To avoid tampering or jamming, the processor's NXcore is completely isolated from the card reader chip. It's entirely isolated from any hardware outside the device itself.


Nexgen serves as an interface for the OPL to the card reader. When reading the card from the reader, the NXcore gives out the security level in the format of one to four. The level specifies the security system in use.


Since both the processors and the card readers are completely isolated from the rest of the device, they can only communicate with each other. Each NXcore server has a predefined set of NXgen clients. These clients request security levels from the processors and card readers.


The software that is used for the translation and analysis of NXgen data is also designed in such a way that it is not possible for any unwanted software to enter the NXgen interfaces. Since the NXgen device has a predefined security level that identifies the software it contains, the NXgen software cannot be infected by an undesired program.


There are several software applications that can help you to read, translate and analyze the NXgen interface. However, since all of these software applications are designed to make use of the OPL that is encrypted, they cannot be used to scan for a security breach. Therefore, the NXcore ID from each NXcore device is displayed in the Nexgen client.


The Nexgen ID helps the NXcore client to identify the software programs installed on the card reader, including some proprietary applications. From the ID, the software programs can be identified. The ID displayed in the Nexgen client allows the NXcore client to identify each software program on the card reader.


Since Nexgen is a security-based language that provides privacy to your NXcore device, it helps protect your business by protecting your data from unauthorized access. The software applications that are provided by Nexgen are free to use, but require that the Nexgen interface being used is the one installed on the card reader.