How to Repair the Check Engine Light

check engine light

If you have ever had the "check engine" light come on when your car is running, then you know what a problem it can be. How many times have you told yourself you have to take care of this problem? If you are like most people, I am sure that the problem has become a common problem with all cars.


The "check engine" light is a non-functioning error code on your car. If you want to fix the problem once and for all, you will need to learn how to detect this error. Once you know how to do this, you will have no more problems.


Some of the symptoms that you should be looking for are the following: the blue screen will stay on and if the lights come on and off as well. Most of the time, if this happens, then there is a problem in your engine.


The reason why the light keeps flashing is that your engine is not working properly. You need to repair the problem before you fix the light. But what causes the problem?


The most common cause is a water leak in your engine. This can occur in the radiator hose. These items are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.


Sometimes, it could be a computer chip. They are usually made by third party companies and the warranty will be void if you do not have the right replacement part. In order to repair the problem, you will need to know what your chip does and where it is located.


When you buy a new one, they will usually come with a manual with diagrams showing you exactly what the chip does. The new chip will often have features that you did not know existed. You can ask your dealer about this as well.


Other common problems with the lights are an overheat sensor. Most of the time, this is the issue. It will stop the engine from running for no reason.


There are also many things that cause the "check engine" light to come on, including a virus. A virus can shut down the computer, causing the engine to run slowly. So if you are having trouble, scan your computer for viruses.


There are things that can cause the problem such as a broken sensor or a bad fuse. One thing that does not cause the light to come on is oil leaks. These will give your car a little extra boost that will cause the lights to come on.


Anytime that the engine turns on, there is a chance of a water leak. If you notice that your car is having trouble starting, it may be a good idea to go into your garage and turn the engine off. Inspect the hoses to see if there is a crack in them.


Once you have identified the problem, you should fix the problem. Most of the time, the oil leaks will fix the problem. Another reason why the light may be coming on is because of a chip.