FoxWell NT301 OBD Scanner

The FoxWell NT301 is an electronic device which enables people to access diagnostic information of their vehicles, from any vehicle. It is easy to use, with a graphical user interface, as well as audio prompts that will guide the user through the steps. It's also compatible with other FoxWeld products.



The main function of the device is to allow users to view diagnostic information of their vehicles remotely, which is then sent to your mobile phone. The dashboard is a very good design for the user experience, which includes animated alerts when something is wrong with the vehicle. The display is clear and you can always see exactly what is going on with your vehicle. Booting up, it appears just like the others on the dashboard, only with a different interface.


The dashboard has a great deal of useful information, which includes the VIN number of your car, which is used to find out if there are any problems with it. The screen shows all diagnostic trouble codes, which will show you exactly what the problem is. The screen shows information such as the temperature, the mileage and other related information. You can also view the mileage data from other vehicles, which can help you compare the overall mileage of each vehicle.


There are two diagnostic formats the device is compatible with, which are OBD 2 (Obd) and OBD 3. The device allows you to select a format according to what is required by your particular vehicle. The first screen, which contains diagnostic data, shows the code which represents your car in this format. If you want to see the same data on a remote server, you can choose to connect to the server by dialing the number on the screen and enter the code to view it. This way you can have access to a diagnostic report of your vehicle from any location.


Another feature is that you can view a graphical representation of the diagnostic data. The second screen allows you to view the diagnostic data in this format, with the same detail as before. This way you can see the codes clearly without having to open the vehicle. the screen and see the data. The third display also gives you a graphical representation of the same data, but this time with real-time data, which enables you can see the value of the diagnostic code right away.


The OBD scanner is very simple to use, which will not have any problems once installed. After connecting the device to your vehicle, you can either enter the diagnostic data into the device or have the device send the data to your mobile phone, which can be used to view it remotely. The OBD scanner also comes with a USB port, which is perfect for transferring data from the device to the computer or the mobile phone. It also comes with a data logger, which you can set on its auto shut off feature.


The OBD scanner supports many different OBD diagnostic formats, which include the ISO (International Car Modification Standard), MAF (Medical Attribute Format) and CDA (Composite Diagnostic Data Architecture). This device is capable of scanning various types of vehicles, from different makes and models. If you don't know anything about these formats, it's a good idea to get a guide or online, to know about them. Some features of the device, include a large display with a lot of useful information.


The OBD scanner will help you get a better understanding about how your car runs. It can tell you how many cylinders your engine has, the speed it runs at and how long it takes to recharge the battery. With the help of this device, you can know how much power is being consumed by your engine when you turn the engine off, and how much power is wasted when you use the car. You can also know if you are overshooting the speed limit. With this device, you can also know if your car is under warranty and whether it has any repairs that need to be done or not.