BDLink Mx Vs MBP - Which Is More Popular?

Ever since BMW launched the new double-decker MBP in South Africa, many car maintenance experts have been wondering which is better between BDLINK MX Vs MBP OBD2 scanners. In an ideal world, these two would be interchangeable. However, since it is not an ideal world, there are certain pros and cons that each car maintenance equipment has to offer. One of the first things that a car owner should know is what exactly they want from this device. Are they looking for simple scanner or a full-fledged vehicle maintenance unit? There are certain specifications that must be taken into consideration when deciding on which of the two to purchase.



These devices are basically the same when it comes to functionality. They both allow the car owners to view malfunctions and other important information about their car engines. They do not differ in terms of pricing and the extent of their utilities. In fact, they offer a number of similar features with each other.


The primary function of these gadgets is to give detailed information about the engine controls and other vital parts of the car. They also help in informing the car owners about the maintenance procedures carried out on their cars. This is an important aspect especially for those who do not have much time to spare before their car is due for a major service. If they find it out themselves, they will not be able to do anything about it. Hence, for them, having a reliable and detailed information source at their fingertips is extremely valuable.


As far as cost is concerned, the two devices are almost the same when it comes to costs. Of course, there are minor differences in the prices of these two products. Since they are made by the same company, they are likely to feature the same technical specification. This means that the only real difference is in the price. People can actually save quite a bit of money by opting for a BDLink MX Vs an od2. The real winner however is the car maintenance fanatics who can save hundreds of dollars every year.


If you compare BDLink MX Vs MPG od2, you can easily determine which one is a better choice. Both devices offer excellent sound levels and superior video performance. They are both capable of producing clear and crisp audio outputs. With such performance, no one in their right mind would consider buying another car audio system.


Compared to BDLink MX, it is apparent that there are many more advantages of using an odometer monitoring device. For one, an owner can always track his mileage with the help of this device. Secondly, it offers accurate readings of the engine controls. Thirdly, it can also help in ensuring proper oil levels. The car maintenance fanatics will find these features very useful. In addition to this, they can now enjoy their car's performance without worrying about the car maintenance.


Both devices are very easy to use and maintain. The only difference between the two is in terms of the number of speedometers displayed. It is possible for the owner of a BDLink to control the number of speedometers displayed whereas the odometer on the other hand has a single display. In simple words, both devices can be operated and used by anyone in a matter of minutes, but if the owner of the BDLink wants to view all the records in a single window, he/she can choose the multi-window option.


BDLink MX has been found to have fewer problems than its competitor. This has been seen even when the two devices are run on the same platform. The owners of both have reported consistent performance with both types of devices. One important point of caution here is that it is important to ensure that you purchase original equipment from reliable dealers. Only brands like BDLink MX are worth purchasing for ensuring reliable and long lasting performance.